Tribe Yoga Babies

Bring Baby along for your perfect post-natal workout. Choose from a variety of our classes designed to take care of your while you take care of Baby. Our three post-natal class offerings are modeled off of our standard TRIBE classes, with adaptations designed for your post-natal needs.

Baby & Me - Gentle Flow:

Bring baby and be lead through restorative stretches that will help release tension caused by sleepless nights, and the demands of feeding and caring for baby.

Baby & Me - HIIT + Flow:

With baby in tow, be lead through our 60-minute post-natal HIIT + Flow class comprised of 15-minutes of a Vinyasa Yoga Flow, 30-minutes of low to moderate impact fitness moves using body weight and small equipment (sliders and resistance bands), followed by 15-minutes of gentle yoga and stretching. Modifications made for all levels.

Baby & Me - Yoga Ignite:

Bring baby to a strengthening-focused Vinyasa yoga class, with an emphasis on post-natal exercises to ignite your connection with your body, build strength, and regain mobility, all while moving with breath. Modifications will be made for all levels.

Yoga Babies and Brews:

We'll be connecting movement with breath before enjoying a flight of brews at Black Lab Brewing on the last Tuesday of the month from 10:30-11:30am. Join us, with baby in tow, for this 60-minute Vinyasa class that will help improve balance, build strength, and increase your flexibility, all while having fun with other parents/caregivers. The dynamic sequence of postures will focus on alignment to support you in deepening your personal post-natal practice.