For the first time we are teaming up with Toronto Island SUP for two unforgettable yoga experiences out on the water. To help you make the best of your Stand-up Paddle Board Yoga experience, here are three tips to help you stay afloat during this weekends class.

1. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Most non-cotton athletic gear will be somewhat water resistant and perfect for an afternoon out on the water (and maybe in it too). Be sure to wear clothing you will be comfortable in for traditional yoga poses. While PFDs will be provided, consider wearing a hat or polarized sunglasses for extra sun protection, a bathing suit, and of course, your sunscreen.

2.  Wear Sunscreen

Nothing ruins a great SUP yoga session like a gnarly sunburn. At least 15 minutes before class, liberally apply sunscreen to all areas of skin that will be exposed. Make sure it’s water-resistant (you can expect to get wet!).

3. Breathe and Dive Right In!

First timers can be nervous and hyper-aware of the SUP board. Instead of focusing on breathing through the pose, it feels more natural to cling to the board. This can lead to holding the breath, maybe in preparation for plunging into the water. Instead, focus on breath more than control, and expect your core muscles to be in overdrive as they help you retain that sense of balance on the board. And falling in the water? That’s not the worst thing in the world on a hot afternoon!

Join Us This Weekend

Join us for 1.5 hours of SUP Yoga with TRIBE instructor Emilie in an unforgettable location, the Toronto Islands Sunfish Cut, a popular lookout point with a spectacular view.

Saturday July 27th 7:30-9pm. $49

Saturday August 17th. 10-11:30am. $49

Sunday August 25th. 1:30-3pm $49