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Run, Walk, Or Fly Through Our Next FREE Learn To Run Starting July 3rd.

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Once again we are teaming up with The SuperPower 5K to provide a free 8-week Learn To Run Program. Check out the details below, and join us in studio Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm from July 3-August 21st.

DESCRIPTION: This beginner-friendly, 8-week training program is designed to prepare participants to reach a distance of 5km. The Couch to 5k program is based on a run/walk progression, and no past running experience is required. Weekly sessions will consist of a 10 min class covering training, fitness and technique, followed by a 25-50 min group run/walk session. A training plan will be provided to you at the first session outlining the entire training. Participants must be able to walk 60 minutes continuously.

LOCATION: On Wednesday the group will meet up at 10 Lower Spadina, suite 100. You will meet outside the studio. Change rooms, lockers, washrooms, and showers are available. There is a parking garage behind the Shoppers Drugmart on Queens Quay, paid street parking available on Rees or beside the LCBO, or by TTC from either the 510 or 509 streetcar exiting at Spadina and Queens Quay.

 TRAINING: Your 8-week plan in included below. You have three workouts during the week. While we’ve provided specific days for you, please feel free to move them to fit within your life. Can’t get out on a Saturday? Then walk/run on a Sunday. The important thing is to get the workouts in.

 ATTIRE: While appropriate running attire will be one of our instructional themes, dressing for the weather will be important from the start. Please consider the heat wearing light colours and light technical type of fabrics. Avoid natural fabrics like cotton which hold moisture into the body and get heavy with your sweat. Of course everyone is different, so giving your clothes a test walk/run at home would be ideal.

 BEFORE WORKOUT FUEL: Throughout your workout days you should be drinking lots of water, stopping about an hour before the workout. If you feel the need, a light snack before you run such as a banana or carrots and hummus is perfect.

 THE RACE: The SuperPower 5K

Toronto’s newest 5k is our goal race. This race will be an opportunity for you to celebrate your dedication and commitment to yourself. Registration information is available at Use promo code TRIBE to save 10%.

 SOCIAL MEDIA: At Tribe we are huge fans of social media, so please let us know how your training is going by posting on our Facebook page, sharing a training photo with us tagged on Instagram, or giving us a tweet! Looking to track you workouts on your device? Check out the Strava App (it’s free) and join our Tribe My First Race Group.

 NEXT STEPS: At Tribe we love setting and crushing goals! As a next step, think about what it is you’re looking forward to throughout this program, bring an idea to share with us on Wednesday. Big or small, we want to hear it!

 TRAINING PLAN: Begin and end each of the following with an 8-10-minute warm-up or cooldown.


Week 1

M: Run 2 min, Walk 2 min, x6

W: Run 2 min, Walk 2 min, x7

S: Run 2 min, Walk 2 min, x8

Week 2

M: Run 3 min, Walk 2 min, x5

W: Run 3 min, Walk 2 min, x6

S: Run 3 min, Walk 2 min, x7

Week 3

M: Run 5 min, Walk 3 min, x3

W: Run 6 min, Walk 2 min, x4

S: Run 5 min, Walk 3 min, x5

Week 4

M: Run 7 min, Walk 3 min, x3

W: Run 8 min, Walk 2 min, x3

S: Run 8 min, Walk 3 min, x3

Week 5

M: Run 9 min, Walk 3 min, x3

W: Run 10 min, Walk 2 min, x3

S: Run 12 min, Walk 3 min, x3

Week 6

M: Run 11 min, Walk 3 min, x3

W: Run 13 min, Walk 3 min, x3

S: Run 14 min, Walk 3 min, x3

Week 7

M: Run 15 min, Walk 5 min, x2

W: Run 17min, Walk 4min, Run 10 min

S: Run 20min, Walk 2min, Run 20min

Week 8

M: Run 40 min

W: Run 30 min

S: 15 min pre-race shake out