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Baby and Me: Yoga Ignite, Gentle Flow, and HIIT + Flow. Bring baby to your workout designed with an emphasis on postnatal exercises to get you to connect with your baby, build strength, and regain mobility.

The next three week session begins:

  • Monday: HIIT & Flow (a fusion of yoga and body weight/resistance band exercises)

  • Wednesday: Gentle Flow Yoga

  • Friday: Yoga Ignite

Sign up for two weekly classes and save 10%. Sign up for three weekly classes at save 15%

Current Session on now. $23 drop in or $20 a class when booking a series. To book your sessions and receive the multi-session discount please call the studio at 647-729-5008.

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The VISIONARY METHOD: Experiential Workshop

Welcome to 2019!

In this 2-hour workshop Kelsey Reidl will equip you with the specific resources that will help you up-level your health, your life and your career path in 2019.

This workshop is focused on taking action on your goals, rather than simply setting the goal and forgetting about it! That's what makes it experiential.

We will cover:

  • What the difference is between Ideas, Motion & Action

  • How to set actionable goals around your health, your daily routines, and your career path / your business so that you can up-level your life

  • Crafting a vision for the coming 365 days & choosing your 'word of the year'

  • Sharing resources + tools + tips for staying inspired

  • Methods of tuning inwards rather than listening to the noise of the world

Whether you’re feeling stuck in a particular area of your life, or you’re just looking to connect with a community of like-minded people, this workshop will be a fun and interactive!

January 5th. 2:00-4pm.



Reputation Tour Movie Ride-Along

Look what you made us do!

Join us at 6:30pm for a special Taylor Swift Movie Ride-Along to her Reputation Tour video.

Cycle along to your favourite rollers, sprints, and endurance holds. Snacks, towels, and cycling shoes provided.

January 26th. 6:30-8:30pm


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Cashflow Cookbook

We've got the recipe to help you improve your financial health in 2019 - well actually 60 of them! Join us on January 27th, as we host Gordon Stein, a Toronto-based keynote speaker, Toronto Star columnist and personal finance expert, who helps ordinary people use common sense techniques to ease their financial stress, so they can fully enjoy their professional and personal lives.

Cashflow Cookbook – Canadian Edition offers 60 easy recipes that anyone can use to reduce their spending. With minimal sacrifice. And then lock in those savings to debt reduction or investing. All as easy as, well, following a recipe.

Each recipe takes between 10 minutes and a couple of hours to implement and can save between $25 and $900 a month. Each. Investing those savings at 7% can provide more than $700,000 of wealth over 10 years for a single person and over $2,000,000 for a family.
Yes, really.

Workshop includes:

  • speaker series

  • a personal copy of Cashflow Cookbook

  • opportunity for Q and A

January 27th. 2:00-3:00pm



Yoga Babies and Brews at Black Lab

Join us, with baby in tow, for this 60-minute Vinyasa class that will help improve balance, build strength and increase your flexibility all while having fun with other parents/caregivers. The dynamic sequence of postures will focus on alignment to support you in deepening your personal post-natal practice.

Modifications will be made for all levels.

  • Babies, crawlers, and walkers welcome.

  • Please bring your own yoga mat.

  • Kombucha and non alcoholic beverages are also available

  • Babies can remain in car seats, strollers, or be placed on blankets on the floor. Please bring your own blankets.

  • Quiet toys are welcome.

Black Lab Brewing is located at 818 Eastern Ave.

January 29th. 10:30-11:30am