Have you ever felt stuck, confused, and in need of more energy, clarity and joy in your life?

Join April Miranda for a 7-week journey to release limiting beliefs from the root to crown and elevate all areas of your life to feel better NOW! Through exploring the different healing modalities of yoga, neurolinguistic programming, meditation, energy healing, and journal writing, you’ll discover the ancient wisdom of the chakra system and your innate ability to heal yourself. By the end of the series, we hope you'll find a clear path, and feel motivated and ready to step into your best self.

Throughout the 7-weeks (14 hours) participants will explore:

  1. (Root:) Feel grounded and safe. Release fear. Reclaim the right to be here. March 31.

  2. (Sacral): Feel worthy. Release guilt. Reclaim right to feel and have pleasure. April 14.

  3. (Solar Plexus): Feel confident. Release shame. Reclaim right to act and be an individual. April 28.

  4. (Heart): Feel balance. Release Grief. Reclaim the right to love and be loved. May 12.

  5. (Throat): Feel open. Release the lies. Reclaim the right to speak and be heard. May 26.

  6. (Third Eye): Feel clear. Release the illusion. Reclaim the right to see and be seen. June 9.

  7. (Crown): Feel connected. Release the attachment. Reclaim the right to know and learn. June 23.

  • This 7-week series starts on Sunday March 31st from 2-4pm and occurs every other week until June 23rd. See dates above.

  • Investment: $77 Drop In