Yoga Classes

The classes offered in our Movement Studio span the spectrum from relaxing to energetic, and cover many abilities and experience levels. Throughout the schedule you will find classes to calm your mind and body, or to strengthen your muscles and raise your heart rate.

Yoga Flow:

Through the connection of movement with breath, this 60-minute Vinyasa class will help improve balance, build strength and increase your flexibility. The dynamic sequence of postures will focus on alignment to support you in maintaining and deepening your personal practice.

Yoga Ignite:

This 60-minute Vinyasa class combines the movement and freedom of our YogaFlow class with a dynamic and challenging sequence of exercises using your own body weight that will have you building a sweat while you ignite your inner strength and power.

Gentle Flow:

A gentle, Flow-inspired class ideal for those looking for a slower, non-strenuous stretch while connecting movement with breath. During this 60-minute class you will softly move your way through basic yoga poses, including light twists, folds, and sun salutations, and end with restorative poses allowing for complete relaxation and rest.

Yoga Restore:

Relax into this slow-paced 60-minute practice that uses seated and reclining postures with the support of props to calm and reset your entire body and mind. This class takes place in dim candlelit environment for ultimate relaxation.

Roll Out:

This 60-minute class is full of stretching and self-myofascial release using Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls and your own body weight. Perfect for endurance athletes and weekend warriors, you'll increase your flexibility while preventing injury and speeding recovery, getting you ready for your next workout.

Breathe, Flow, Meditate:

During this 60-minute class you will explore a variety of techniques to stretch the body, connect to breath, and calm the mind. Breathe, Flow, Meditate offers a combination of gentle Vinyasa Flow (all levels), Pranayama (breath-work) and guided meditation. Leave this class feeling centered and restored. No experience is required.

HIIT + Flow:

This 60-minute class is the perfect combination of flow and force. Following a 15-minute Vinyasa Flow warm-up participants will be led through 30-minutes of high intensity intervals using their own body weight and resistance bands. The class concludes with 15-minutes of a Gentle Flow as participants slow it down and stretch it out.

BYODog yoga:

We know how important your “fur baby” is to you, so bring them along to this 60-minute Yoga Flow planned to help improve your balance, build strength and increase your flexibility. This is a specialty class, so check until Special Rates for it’s next occurance.
Guidelines so everyone can have a DOGgone good time:
- dogs may walk freely however must be on leash at all times
- rough play and aggressiveness are not permitted